Todd Plesco

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Todd A Plesco, CISM, CBCP

Todd Plesco has been the Chief Information Security Officer of PrescribeWellness since 2016. PrescribeWellness's cloud-based platform is used by pharmacies and other healthcare professionals to provide more effective, preventive healthcare services, which improve medication adherence, chronic disease management, transitions in care, and population health.

As a native of Michigan, Todd Plesco was involved in the early days of online computing at the University of Michigan. He was educated in computer science and electrical engineering technology at Purdue University in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He did his postgraduate studies in information assurance & cybersecurity at the University of Washington in Seattle, under the direction of CIAC pioneer Dr Barbara Endicott-Popovsky; and, currently studies at Royal Holloway, University of London under ISG programme director Dr Colin Walter. Early in his career, Todd Plesco was a U.S. Marine involved in communications-electronics serving both in the Cold War and Desert Storm.

His contributions span from multiuser environment cybersecurity exploration to information technology governance and frameworks, to risk assessment methodology and vulnerability assessments, to global impacts of the proliferation of privacy and preparedness of business. His recent interests focus on the development of high performance cybersecurity and resilience in cloud based information technology infrastructures.

Plesco participated in a number of exciting military missions, including "Cement Ridge", "The Triangle", Kibrit, and Al Jubayl during Operations Desert Storm & Shield. Those missions included early electronics methods which shaped today's commonly used technology such as Position Location Reporting Systems(PLRS) known today as GPS, AN/TTC-42 TRI-TAC automatic telephone switching, AN/TSC-93B Ground Mobile Force(GMF) SATCOM, AN/TTC-38 to SB-3614 analog telephone via AN/MRC-135 VHF multi-channel radio links, and several different variations of lightweight solid-state and digital radiotelephone voice communication systems.

Todd is married to Miruna Plesco, a controller for Highline Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. They have three sons: David, Victor, and Simon. The family loves to travel, is bilingual in Romanian and English, musicians of multiple instruments, students of Shotokan karate, and enjoy life in Southern California.

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